Dr. Christina Koni is a practicing Dietician since 2010 and offers her professional services successfully via “E-Nutrition Coaching”.

She has been a Scientific Collaborator at the University of Nicosia and the European University in Cyprus for the past years at the Dietetics and Nursing Departments.

Christina is a graduate of Louisiana Tech University in the USA and holds a Ph.D. from the University of Glasgow where she extensively researched environmental /genetic factors and obesity in children. In addition to her academic work and professional practice, Christina is actively following her passion of advising people on how to live a healthier and happier life through better nutrition choices and better life lasting habits.

As a warm and engaging speaker, Christina has been a regular health presenter to groups, as well as an invited guest in radio and television programs. Her vision is to transfer her passion and expertise to people and organizations to help them improve their wellbeing while at the same time enjoy their food. She lives in Nicosia with her husband and two beautiful daughters, her forever inspiration and yoga practicing partners.


My EAT HAPPY philosophy combines my passion for Nutrition and being truly happy in life. My approach is that you stay away from diets and food restriction and instead you focus on learning to listen and trust your own body to discover a happier, healthier version of YOU. After all food is to be enjoyed, it creates memories and shapes you and nutrition is part of our lives, not just a problem to be solved.


Ιmagine you could consult with your own private nutrition expert anywhere at your convenience without having to make it to an office appointment! Now with our “E-Nutrition Coaching” service, this is possible!


Dr. Koni offers customized nutrition seminars designed to meet the unique needs and interests of any group or organization. Her passionate and motivational workshops will provide any audience with valuable tools and techniques to implement a healthy and happy life.


Here you will find videos, recipes, articles and useful tips.