Ιmagine you could consult with your own private nutrition expert anywhere at your convenience without having to make it to an office appointment!

Now with our “E-Nutrition Coaching” service, this is possible!

This service is perfect for busy professionals or simply people with limited time available, as they may access high-quality nutrition service in their comfort.

The process is simple.


We start with a full assessment where we’ll discuss your goals and explore your relationship with food and body image throughout your life, including your diet and health history, current eating behaviors, and more. This assessment lasts about 45 minutes. The next follow-up will be scheduled every two weeks where we will reassess your meal plan, speak about the nutrition behaviors with regards to your workplace, commitments and emotions. These follow ups last 20 to 30 minutes.


1. Select Service Package

Fill out the form below by selecting the package you wish to purchase. Your purchase will be completed by paying via Credit Card.

2. Filling in a Personal Questionnaire

When the purchase is completed, you will be sent a questionnaire with questions about your nutritional and medical history as well as your eating habits.

3. Managing online Appointments

After completing your purchase I will contact you within 24 hours via email or phone to arrange our online appointments.

4. Meal plan delivery

After the first appointment (as well as after each online appointment), a weekly personalized meal plan will be prepared within 2 business days and sent to you electronically in PDF format.

5. Questions / Comments

For any questions or clarifications please contact me via email at email@ackoni.com


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